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We provide the right communication for your event and your product launch!

No letter carrier in the world tells you who has dealt with your exhibition invitation or your product information! If you want to know anyway, you only need your e-mail with a personalized website (microsite) to combine. This allows you to evaluate the acceptance (and scattering losses) personalized - for e-mail campaigns with a total transparency of the acceptance in real time (including reports and statistics). This is a valuable tool when it comes to a product of a known target and make them fetch another following resource-oriented.

E-mail marketing is much more than advertising. Therefore, we use the info we have developed Info-c@rd - and especially to make our experience in this area of your campaign experience and lead to success!. Stand out in the invitation, the follow-up attendants at your event and product campaigns in market!

In the development and implementation, we place great value on:

  • Individual concepts of a campaign
  • Innovative design to match your product / service
  • Resource-oriented implementation of an action
  • Personalized evaluation of the acceptability of the action
  • Detection of the scattering losses